牛被杀前跪地乞命 临终托梦要见牧童【汉英双版】



牛被杀前跪地乞命 临终托梦要见牧童

Repost: The bull knelt and begged for its life before being killed; and before its death, it came to the cowboy’s dream requesting to see him for the last time. (2015-06-01 12:25:41)

当年被拍下的老牛下跪真实照片 The above is the picture of the kneeling old bull .


This article is neither a fiction, nor a tale. It is a real event.


It happened at Yang Cuo production team of Fu An Sai Qi town in Fujian Province, 1980. The production team owned a big irascible bull that disliked to be bridled and it was impossible to make it plough. The owner thought the bull was useless, so he decided to sell it to a Fuzhou beef processing plant. The cowboy heard of the news and told the bull, “ You will be sold to a food factory and be killed soon. And I will never see you again.” Having been told of this, the bull immediately went down on its knees, with tears streaming down its face.



At this time, the bull looked at the cowboy with its despairing and imploring eyes, and kowtowed to the boy seeming to say: “Please help me! I don’t want to be killed!” The cowboy was frightened by what happened. He told what he had seen to his parents after he came back home. Doubting what their son said, the cowboy’s parents went to watch the big bull and they saw what their son had told them: the bull was kneeling, begging for mercy.


Having learned the bull’s story, all villagers went to watch the bull. Their arrival gave the bull hope. So it knelt and kowtowed to them one by one, begging for mercy with tears. Everyone was moved so they donated money to redeem the bull and decided to set it free in Zhiti temple of Ningde city.


There were already 8 cattle in Zhiti temple at that time. It seemed that the new coming big bull became the leader of these 8; and they never trampled on the crops since then. The bull also led the group of cattle to graze on outside and led them back every day.


There was large area of farmland needed to be ploughed at Zhiti temple. The bull was very intelligent and it helped the farming monks with plowing work. The bull’s story was flashed around the whole eastern area of Fujian province. Every believer who came to Zhiti temple to worship Buddha would visit the bull. And the bull would kowtow to them to express its gratitude. The bull also developed a liking for listening to Buddhist Sutras and paying reverence to Buddha. From then on, very few people in the eastern area of Fujian province would take beef as their food.


On one September day of lunar calendar in1993, the bull foresaw its coming death and came to visit the cowboy in his dream and said, “I have only a few days left in the world. I hope to see you for the last time.”


The next day, thinking about the dream the previous night, the cowboy decided to visit the bull at Zhiti temple. The bull had already been gravely ill and the monks had digged a pit beside Haihui pagoda in advance. Saddened by the scene, the cowboy decided to stay at the temple for some days so that he could see what would happen to the bull. On the morning of lunar September 13, as expected, the fatigued bull struggled to stand up, walked slowly to Haihui pagoda and lay down in the pit digged in advance. The monks gathered at the temple, offering Dharma explanation and chanting assistance to the dying bull. They chanted until it finally went to Buddha’s Pureland at 10 o’clock that morning. And the monks covered its body with soil and buried it.


Up to now, the inscription recording the true story of the bull still remains on a tablet at Huayan Temple of Zhiti hill in Ningde city of Fujian province.


Note: the locals also call Huayan temple of Zhiti hill in Ningde city Zhiti temple. The temple, as recorded in Avatamsaka Sutra, is the Dojo of the Heavenly Crown Bodhisattva and it is 45 kilometers away from Ningde downtown.


Namo Sakyamuni Buddha


Namo Amitabha Buddha


Namo Bodhisattva Guan Yin


Namo all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three periods of time from ten directions





May the merit and virtue accrued here

Equally be upon all

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All achieve Buddhahood